Stuff you're probably curious about

Where is this made? 

Inside our state of the art, high tech pouchery (a.k.a. Erin's homey craft room) located in Texas!

How long does shipping take? 

These babies are handmade by our expert team of Pouchaneers, led by head seamstress and founder, Erin. Give us 3 days after purchase to lovingly stuff your pouch and get it in the mail. After that, typical shipping times in the US are only 3 days or so.

Is the Ouch Pouch cover removable / washable?

No. You can spot clean it but you shouldn't submerge it in water unless you’re hungry for lavender scented oatmeal. ;)

Try using an antibacterial wipe to clean any spots.

Is it "full" of filling, or is it loosely filled?

It's got plenty of filling, but we keep it intentionally loose for the most versatility; you can shift the filling around to suit your neck support needs.

How long does the "aroma" part of "aromatherapy" last? 

It varies depending on usage, but several months to a year is typical. When it fades, you can refresh the scent by applying a few drops of essential oil to your wrap and massaging it in.