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"We love these wraps!" ★★★★★

"The aromatherapy wraps are constantly being used in my house! The subtle lavender scent and the warmth of the wrap help me to relax at the end of a long day. My kids use them when they need a little help falling asleep. We love these wraps!! 😀" - Julie S.

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Hot/Cold Treatment

★★★★★ - Zac R.

"Once I started using it, I never stopped. I put it on sore muscles or just to keep warm in the winter. In the summer, I stick it in the freezer to use when I’ve had to be outside in the heat. Well worth the cost."

How Ouch Pouch Got It's Start

When Erin created the pouch, it was with comfort in mind. Honestly, what better reason for innovation than to create more ways to relax? Erin is an artistic person who invests herself in all she does. Her day job is as a baker and medical coder, with ever increasing demand for her delicious and decorative goodies. But baking for days on end and staring at a computer for hours can lead to a lot of tension. So it was natural that Erin should put her creative mind to a remedy─ The Ouch Pouch! With a combination of lavender, green tea, assorted grains, and healing Himalayan pink salt, Erin created a neck wrap that could either be frozen to cool off a migraine, or be warmed to ease stress and achy joints or muscles. 

Once she discovered this healing sensation (during a particularly busy Christmas season), her first move was to gift several of them to her favorite people who all raved at its therapeutic magic. One of these favorite people asked for two smaller versions that could be placed on her eyes as she slept, and voila! The Ouch Pouch was born!

Fun fact: the small pouches can also be placed on the dashboard of your car to be heated by the sun and provide smelly goodness on the go.

More Reasons to Love Ouch Pouch

• Hot or Cold? You Decide! Freeze it, or heat in microwave (we recommend 1 & 1/2 minutes for the wrap, 30-40 seconds for the pouch).

• Smells Real Good - Infused with revitalizing lavender, green tea, and Himalayan pink salt.

• Did We Mention They're Handmade? Each wrap & pouch is lovingly mixed, stuffed, and sewn by our team of pouchaneers in Garland, TX. Why does this matter? For one, it allows us to maintain a high level of attention to detail to keep our pouches top notch. It also gives us the freedom to experiment and modify our proprietary blend of goodies in a never ending quest to perfect the pouch!

• Treat What Ails You - Aromatherapy wraps can be used to help soothe a number of aches and pains. The relaxing scents of lavender and green tea help calm your mind while the warmth or cold helps ease your body.

• Great for: Allergies, Sinus Pressure, Headache, Neck Pain, Back Pain, Menstrual cramps, Pregnancy Discomfort, Neck Support at the Doctors Office or Theater, And so much more!

"Love my wrap! I’ve been using it for several months and I like that the wrap has a really nice weight and the seams are SOLID."

Marie M.

"The aromatherapy wraps are constantly being used in my house! The subtle lavender scent and the warmth of the wrap help me to relax at the end of a long day."

Julie S.

"I didn’t think I would use it all that much, but once I started using it, I never stopped. Well worth the cost."

Zac R.

"These wraps make great gifts for family and friends. I use mine every night before bed to relieve the day's stress and allergens."

Renea M.

"The aromatherapy blend on these wraps is perfect and really sets them apart among others I've seen."

Andrea R.